The industrial working group worked with the existing Industrial Land Use Study and policies of the Comprehensive Plan to determine how our existing industrial zones could be improved.  Issues included relationships to residential use, matter-of-right uses in industrial zones, and transitional uses.

Working Group

Meetings for this subject area were conducted on the following dates:

June 19, 2008
July 2, 2008
July 24, 2008

Moving Forward

The final recommendations were heard by the Zoning Commission at a Public Hearing held on November 20, 2008. To see the full transcript of the public hearing, you can read the Zoning Commission transcript of case 08-06-6 on their site here.  The Zoning Commission provided informal guidance on the Industrial recommendations to the Office of Planning on January 12, 2009. This informal guidance is located below in the documents section.

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Recommendations (2)
Date Title/Description
20-Nov-2008 Public Hearing Report for ZC #08-06-6
22-Sep-2008 Industrial Recommendations - - Recommendations as provided to Task Force members for review. Updates to this document will be made over the next week as a result of the Task Force meeting. Comments on the document are open.
Meeting 3 (2)
Date Title/Description
20-Aug-2008 Meeting 3 Presentation 7.24.08
26-Aug-2008 Meeting 3 Notes
Meeting 2 (3)
Date Title/Description
08-Jul-2008 Meeting 2 Agenda
08-Jul-2008 Meeting 2 Presentation 7.2.08
14-Jul-2008 Meeting 2 Notes
Meeting 1 (3)
Date Title/Description
18-Jun-2008 Meeting 1 Agenda
20-Jun-2008 Meeting 1 Presentation 6.19.08
23-Jun-2008 Meeting 1 Notes
Background Documents (4)
Date Title/Description
18-Jun-2008 D.C. Industrial Land Use Study
18-Jun-2008 D.C. Industrial Zoning Regulations (Chapter 8)
18-Jun-2008 Best Practices Chart
18-Jun-2008 Industrial Issues List