Low/Moderate Density Residential

This subject area dealt with issues relating to lower density residential neighborhoods.  Areas that would fit into the traditional R-1 through R-4 zones with largely single family and two-family housing stock are the focus.  The working group looked at a very wide variety of issues including alley lots, accessory dwellings, corner retail stores, related non-residential uses, bulk and setback requirements, and many others.  This group also examined existing residential zoning categories and overlays to determine if these are sufficient to meet the needs of the city's neighborhoods.

Working Group

Meetings for this subject area were conducted on the following dates:

March 24, 2008
March 31, 2008
April 21, 2008
May 7, 2008
May 14, 2008
May 21, 2008
June 4, 2008
June 11, 2008
June 26, 2008
November 19, 2008

Moving Forward

The final recommendations were heard by the Zoning Commission at a Public Hearing held on April 9, 2009. To see the full transcript of the public hearing, you can read the Zoning Commission transcript of case 08-06-8 on their site here.  The Office of Planning's recommendations are located below in the documents section.

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Recommendations (7)
Date Title/Description
04-May-2012 Zoning Update Fact Sheet - Accessory Dwelling Units - This fact sheet describes OP's proposals for Accessory Dwelling Units.
20-Mar-2009 Updated Recommendations -Public Hearing Report - Updated recommendations for the Zoning Commission Public Hearing on April 9 2009.
26-Nov-2008 Mtg. 9 November 19 2008 Notes - Notes from the final Working Group meeting.
13-Nov-2008 Updated Low-Moderate Density Residential Recommendations - Recommendations that have been updated since the conclusion of the Working Group.The ability to comment online is embedded in the document.
02-Jul-2008 Meeting 8 Presentation - Slides
02-Jul-2008 Meeting 8 Presentation - Outline Notes
02-Jul-2008 Meeting Notes
Building Study Documents (13)
Date Title/Description
12-Jun-2008 Mtg. 7 - Presentation - Slides Format
12-Jun-2008 Mtg. 7 - Presentation - Outline Format
12-Jun-2008 Building Study Methodology
12-Jun-2008 Lot Data Summary Package
12-Jun-2008 Unit Data Summary Package
12-Jun-2008 Porch and Roof Data Summary Package
12-Jun-2008 Detached - Single Household - Data Summary Package
12-Jun-2008 Semi-Detached - Single Household - Data Summary Package
12-Jun-2008 Row - Single Household - Data Summary Package
12-Jun-2008 Row House vs Row Building Analysis Sheet
13-Jun-2008 Measurement Standards Comparison Charts Package
13-Jun-2008 Sampled Lots Map
16-Jun-2008 Composite Building Study Table - Excel Spreadsheet
Low-Mod Residential (20)
Date Title/Description
11-Jun-2008 Meeting 6 notes - Meeting 6 notes
10-Jun-2008 Meeting 7 Agenda - Low/Moderate Density
03-Jun-2008 Meeting 5 Presentation (uses)
03-Jun-2008 Meeting 6 Agenda (uses)
03-Jun-2008 Meeting 4 Presentation (uses)
23-May-2008 Mtg. 5 notes (use) - Use presentation notes
20-May-2008 Meeting 5 Agenda - Uses - Meeting 5 Agenda - Uses
15-May-2008 Meeting 4 Presentation - Uses - Meeting 4 Presentation - Uses
15-May-2008 Meeting 4 notes - uses - Meeting 4 notes - uses
14-May-2008 Low-Moderate Density Meeting 4 Agenda
14-May-2008 Low Mod Res Mtg 3 Presentation
07-May-2008 Low Mod Res. Mtg. 3 Presentation - Mtg. 3 presentation
07-May-2008 Low-Mod Res. Mtg. 3 Notes - Mtg. 3 notes
18-Apr-2008 Meeting 3 Agenda - Low-Moderate Density
18-Apr-2008 March 31, 2008 Meeting Notes - Low/Mod Res.
01-Apr-2008 Low-Mod Residential Presentation, Mtg. 2
27-Mar-2008 March 24, 2008 Meeting Notes - March 24, 2008 Meeting Notes
21-Mar-2008 Meeting Agenda - Mtg. 1 - Meeting Agenda - Mtg. 1
27-Mar-2008 Low-Mod Residential Presentation, Mtg. 1 - Low-Mod Residential Presentation, Mtg. 1
21-Mar-2008 Low--Mod Res. Issues List - Low--Mod Res. Issues List
Background Documents (1)
Date Title/Description