This subject area covers all of the issues within the current Chapter 21 of the zoning ordinance.  The working group examined the requirements for parking spaces as well as the standards for their location and access.

Working Group Meetings

Meetings for this subject area were conducted on the following dates:

February 20, 2008
February 27, 2008
March 5, 2008
March 12, 2008
April 2, 2008

Moving Forward

The final Office of Planning recommendations on Parking were heard at the Zoning Commission Public Hearing on July 31, 2008. To see the full transcript of the public hearing, you can read the Zoning Commission transcript of case 08-06-2 on their website here.  The Zoning Commission provided informal guidance on the Parking recommendations to the Office of Planning on October 16, 2008. This informal guidance is located below in the documents section.

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Parking Documents (4)
Date Title/Description
27-Oct-2008 Zoning Commission Guidance 10/16/08 - Updates to the proposed Office of Planning recommendations to the Zoning Commission.
27-Oct-2008 Public Hearing Powerpoint - The presentation made at the 10/16/08 Zoning Commission public hearing.
17-Jul-2008 Updated Parking Recommendation - Updated Draft parking recommendations that have been edited by the Parking Working Group and the Task Force.
30-May-2008 Nelson/Nygaard Parking Report - Consultant parking report
Background Documents (4)
Date Title/Description
02-Apr-2008 An Introduction to Automated Mechanical Parking Structure
22-Feb-2008 Comp Plan Parking Policies
22-Feb-2008 Meeting 1 Powerpoint
28-Feb-2008 Parking Lot Powerpoint